The Building Estimator

Quantity Surveyors with a vast amount of industry years and practice have collected construction data from work activities on site, refined the data as much as possible by testing the collected data in different situations and scenarios. Further to this, the refined data have been put together to create The Building Estimator to help your day to day construction life easy, simpler, faster and smarter.

Time is money and in essence, enjoy this stress-free approach to forecasting and planning your construction projects.

The Building Estimator can be used for the following categories of construction/building projects;

  • New Building/ Construction Projects
  • Renovation/Refurbishment Projections
  • Additions or Extensions to a Current Facility.

We give value for money.

Benefits of the automated Building estimate

  • Automates material and labour requirements
  • Reduces the time to takeoff quantities from weeks to seconds
  • Reduces overhead
  • Curtail over pricing of labour and over purchasing of material items
  • Informs decision making during construction process
  • Helps Proper planning and Forecasting during construction

Who can use The Build Estimator?

  • Clients – Construction Clients
  • Students
  • Estimators
  • Building contractors
  • Academics/teaching institution
  • Architects and Designers
  • Construction Vendors
  • Construction Stakeholders

Services Offered by The Building Estimator

  • Automated Building estimate- paid feature
  • Custom building Estimator and Construction Budget Calculator
  • Applicable Material and Labour Pricelist / Rates
  • Construction inventory & costing tracker
  • Construction events/ Workshops
  • Construction trades men/ Construction Vendors