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Certificates in Construction Contracts.

Akinrinmade   28 May 2023

It is important to note that there are different certificates associated with a construction contract and the Contract Administrator is the one who issues such certificate

Preliminaries In Construction - Updated

Akinrinmade   28 May 2023

Preliminaries are items of works which assist the actual construction work and do not form any part of the works but impact the cost of the entire construction cost.

Remote Work and Mobile Access in Construction

Ruth Obazee   16 Jun 2021

The digital age and the pandemic has brought about a successful overhaul of traditional jobs and how they are carried out

Importance of Building Cost Estimation in a Construction Project

Akinrinmade   24 Feb 2021

Estimation for construction projects are very unique and differ from project to project. No two projects cost, or its estimates are the same.

Rise in Cost of Construction Materials in Nigeria

Akinrinmade   09 Nov 2020

Construction materials play a major role in the construction industry

Easy Route to Joint Venture Agreements in Construction

Ruth Obazee   03 Aug 2020

Considering a Joint Venture Agreement. You need to read this article.

Digital Future of Construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Akinrinmade   17 Jul 2020

How Building Information Modelling Can Increase Your Profit

Hiring the Right Construction Team: Everything You Need to Know

Ruth Obazee   13 Jul 2020

Hiring the right construction team for your project is important.

Health and Safety in the Construction Industry.

Ruth Obazee   13 Jul 2020

How to Improve Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

Why you need a Material and Labour Schedule for your Project Vs a Bill of Quantity

Akinrinmade   12 Jul 2020

Bill of Quantities, Material and Labour Scheduled Costing – The Differences

COVID 19 and Construction - its impacts and Lesson Learned

Akinrinmade   08 Jul 2020

Project Delay and Disruption of Timelines

How can the Affordable Real Estate and Construction Sector in Nigeria be Improved on?

Akinrinmade   29 Jun 2020

As the world changes rapidly, urbanization has led to high demand for affordable housing.