Construction Inventory/ Cost Tracker

Use our construction inventory and cost tracker to get real time updates of the finances of your construction project (Expenditure analysis)- Amount budgeted versus actual amount expended on material and labour.

Construction Inventory/ Cost Tracker

This tool helps you understand the real-time cost of your construction project and helps you control its budget in return. Therefore, using this tool, you will be able to know if you are under budget, on budget or headed for a financial mishap.

Other benefits of using this tool are

Budget properly and monitor expenses

Monitoring and Tracking your expenses is a key factor to make your budget work for you.

Make clearer agreements with tradesmen/ vendors

This tool helps make logical and clear agreements with your vendors and tradesmen.

Proper planning

Proper planning is one of the advantages of using this tool which helps chart a course to achieve your goals.

Proper forecasting

Proper forecasting is essential for every business in decision making which is one of the objectives of using this tool.