Hiring the Right Construction Team: Everything You Need to Know

13 Jul 2020

Ruth Obazee
Ruth Obazee

A lot of people tend to think that the services of professional construction team members are expensive. This way, they forego the benefits of working with them, value and quality due to specialist work. If you’re considering hiring a construction team for your project - house renovation, building project, excavation… you need the right team that would provide you with lasting results and give you a positive experience while at it.

This blog post outlines all you should know about hiring the right construction team.

How to Build a Construction Team

The persons involved in the construction project should have the right know-how and attitudes to work. Having a small or big project, be it for commercial or residential purposes should not be a deterrent for any construction team. A professional team will take care of your project with efficiency. 

It might seem like a challenge searching for the right team for your project. But, you can consult with friends or people you know to review the services of teams they have worked with in the past. You can then pick a suitable construction team for your project needs.

You can also search for verified construction vendors on specialised sources on the internet. The Tradesmen/Construction Vendors Log is a trusted directory where project owners can search for reliable tradesmen in Nigeria. Tradesmen and construction vendors can also register their services for hire.

Key Members of a Construction Team 

Teamwork in construction brings together the services of the conception, planning, design and physical construction team members. The schedules of these persons might vary according to their respective roles.

The roles and responsibilities of a construction project team include:

The Project Manager: The role of this team member cannot be stressed enough. They are responsible for the success of your project, from the start to the finish; and also report on the progress made. They oversee all construction stages and ensure that timelines are met. Their scope of work also extends to maintaining the right relationship between members of the team and the project owner.

The Architect: This team member develops the design of the project. They seek to understand what the project owner requires and create it in line with Building Regulations. It is also important that the architect visits the site periodically to make assessments and ensure that work is being carried out following specifications and design.

The Engineer: Engineers are key members of the construction team. They are specialists in their fields and assist with the project scope. They include electrical, mechanical and structural engineers. 

The Contractor: They oversee the construction of the project and ensure to deliver work under the agreement. They also involve the services of sub-contractors who have specialist trades in the construction industry. This includes Cement suppliers, carpenters, painters and suppliers of construction tools.

The Construction Stage

This stage begins when the planning and design stages have been outlined and agreed on. Use the services of digital solutions to help your construction project come to life faster. They also envisage forecasting issues and estimate building costs so the project can go off without any hitch.

Proper forecasting should have been carried out at this point so your project goals can be achieved. Effective communication between all team members is necessary at this crucial stage as team members carry out their tasks, and progress information is reported to project owners and stakeholders.

Post Construction Activities

During this stage, contractual agreements must be created to ensure that all team members complete their tasks. As a project owner, you should request that a LAD (Liquidated and Ascertained Damages) clause be included in the agreement in the event of any default or project delay by construction contractors.

Reviews should also be carried out to analyse tasks of team members, challenges encountered and necessary insights for future projects.

Team members such as the architect and contractor should be available for occasional check-ins after the project is complete and the facilities are in use. This way, any on-site issues can be addressed.


Teamwork in any project builds trust among all team members and project owners, and also ensures a successful outcome. This holds for construction projects as well.

Are you looking to engage the services of the right construction team for your project? Conduct your search in line with the tips listed above to ensure satisfaction when your project is complete.

The building estimator is also a good tool to estimate the cost of your construction works to assist your right construction team.

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